Whether we are getting dressed up for a fancy dinner out or staying in for cupcake-baking and a movie night, Zetas love spending time together. This past year our sisterhood events included: cooking classes, Friendsgiving, a Holiday Party, brunch for Family Weekend, apple picking, laser tag, and many informal hangouts at our Chapter House. We are looking forward to many more events and memories in the spring semester with all our new Zeta Sisters!

To a Zeta, sisterhood also means having a strong support network.

Whether you are an athlete, performer, artist, or writer you can always count on Zetas to come to see you shine. We're always there for each other as fans for performances and games, study buddies before hard tests, and just to cheer each other up when a sister needs it most. Regardless of how great or small your need, as a Zeta, you know you can always depend on your sisters to be there for you.

Many alumni come back to visit littles and to have lineage dinners and get-togethers each semester. Zeta families offer a bridge between Zetas of different generations and are just one of the many ways we spread “Love, the greatest of all things!”

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