Aarya Patel


Hi! I am a junior from Rochester, NY studying Finance and Business Economics & Public Policy. On campus, I am involved in Student Government and Greek Life. I am the Education Chair for Penn Student Government, and I am the Vice President of Standards on the Panhellenic Council. In Zeta, I initially served as Treasurer, and I am so excited to lead this chapter now. My favorite part about Zeta are the opportunities for involvement and leadership. Zetas, including our alumni, are incredibly supportive of one another and will help you to find your passions within and outside of the sorority.

Jordyn Hall

Vice President of Programming

Hello! I’m our chapter’s VP1 and truly love the sisterhood in ZTA! After growing up with five brothers, I came to college looking for a strong community of genuine people who would have each other's backs no matter what. I can certainly say that I have found my best friends in this chapter from our awesome events, living in the Zouse for two years, and serving our chapter in several leadership positions including Director of Sisterhood, New Member Education Assistant, Nominations Committee Member, and Internal Social Assistant. I am originally from Colorado and study International Relations with a concentration in Russian language and National Security at Penn. Outside of Zeta, I work as an Equipment Manager for the Penn Football team, am VP of Professional Development for Pi Lambda Sigma, a member of the Russian Club, and a member of the Women’s Network. I am so thankful to my Zeta sisters and am honored to serve them in this position!

Gabby Cano

Vice President of New Members

Hi! I am a junior studying Bioengineering with a minor in Chemistry from Lawrenceville, New Jersey. I’m involved in Penn Club Swim and Camp Kesem as a Unit Leader, as well as Assistive Devices and Prosthetic Technologies (ADAPT). In Zeta, I served as a New Member Assistant before becoming VPII! I rushed Zeta because it’s where I felt the most at home throughout the recruitment process, and I am so grateful for the strong sisterhood that has given me some of my best friends.

Hannah Yoon

Vice President of Membership

Hiii~~ I’m Hannah and I’m VP of Recruitment in Zeta. I’m a junior from South Korea, concentrating in Environmental Management within the Earth & Environmental Science Department as well as in International Relations within the Political Science Department. I’m involved with research in the Wharton Legal Studies Department as well as in Penn’s Institute for Urban Research. I’m also working on some projects for the Netter Center, law clerking for the U.S. EPA, and involved in several other energy-centric organizations and leadership roles on campus. I joined Zeta because a lot of people I looked up to were in it and because I felt so at home at the Zeta house during rush. My favorite part of Zeta is definitely the people - it’s been my one-stop shop for finding my ride-or-dies!

Megan Li


Hello hello! I’m a sophomore from Baltimore, Maryland studying Behavioral Economics. Outside of Zeta, I’m involved with Penn Student Government through the Nominations and Elections Committee and SPEC Connaissance and I’m also a Project Leader with MUSE Social Impact Practice. In Zeta, I’m currently serving as our Treasurer. My favorite part of being in Zeta has been all of the genuine relationships I’ve been able to build, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to make so many amazing friends.

Vivian Cai


Hi guys! I’m a sophomore from El Paso, Texas concentrating in Finance and Business, Energy, Environment, and Sustainability in the Wharton School with a minor in Computer Science. On Campus, I have been part of Wharton Women’s annual dinner committee, editor of the Walnut Street Journal, and on the Professional Relations and Marketing team in Wharton Management Club. My favorite part about being in Zeta is how welcoming everyone is. No matter your background, identity, or appearance, everyone in Zeta will welcome you with open arms. The girls here are so genuine and truly want to learn more about you and spend time with you.

Fiona Miller


Hi y’all! I’m a sophomore from Roanoke, Virginia studying Management and Social Impact in the Wharton School. On campus, I’m involved with Wharton Undergraduates in Public Policy as the VP of Marketing, and I conduct research in the Operations, Information, and Decisions Department. I rushed Zeta because of how welcoming the sisters were during recruitment. I love how genuine the sisterhood is in Zeta, and I’m happy I’ve met some of my closest friends at Penn through Greek Life.

Lily Nesvold

Director of Rituals

Hey everyone! I’m a junior from New York, NY, majoring in Classical Studies and minoring in Economics. On campus, I’m deputy editor-in-chief of Discentes (Penn’s undergraduate Classical Studies publication), Co-Captain of the Penn Equestrian Team, and a Consumer Retail Analyst for the Wharton Investment & Trading Group (WITG). My favorite part of Zeta is how easy it is to make friendships with other members. Even after only knowing one of my littles for five months, I feel like I’ve been friends with her for years.

Alyssa Ingram

Panhellenic Delegate

Hi y’all! I’m a sophomore from Piedmont, Alabama majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry on the pre-pharmacy track. On campus, I’m involved with Quaker Girls Dance Team as the VP of PR and Matriculate as an Advising Fellow. I’m also a Peer Advisor for the College of Arts and Sciences. In Zeta, I’m currently serving as our Panhellenic Delegate. My favorite part of Zeta is the support system that I’ve found since joining. I’ve met some of the most genuine people and my best friends in Zeta, and I know they’re always going to be there for me when I need them.

Christine Li

Risk Manager

Hi! I’m a junior from Great Falls, VA majoring in Science, Technology, and Society minoring in Chemistry on the pre-med track. I am involved with the STSC Undergraduate Advisory Board, Penn Timmy Global Health as Treasurer, SPEC Concerts, and volunteer at the VA Medical Center. I am currently the Risk Manager of Zeta but before that I served as the Activities Chair. My favorite part of Zeta is the people! I’ve been able to make connections with people in different years who have helped me grow professionally and personally. I know for a fact that I have made lifelong friends through Zeta.

Victoria Gribman

House Manager 2021-22

I am a sophomore in the College majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Health Care Management. On campus, I am Vice President and a coach on the Penn Ballroom and Latin Team, a Volunteer at Service Link, the VP of marketing of Penn Tea Club, and a student researcher. Zeta has been a key component of my time at Penn and I am so happy I decided to live in the Zouse because I made lots of really good friends!

Numi Oyebode

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair

Hi! I’m a junior from Lagos Nigeria concentrating in Environmental science with minors in deaf studies and chemistry on the pre-med track. On campus, I am part of Penn chorale and Penn musical theatre and opera workshop as well as a Teaching Assistant for Oceanography. In Zeta, I am the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion chair. My favorite part of being in Zeta are the connections I’ve been able to build and the friends I have made. I love always having a friend in classes and having people to study with or grab coffee with. It really has let me meet so many people that are a huge part of my life that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

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